Welcome to Good Influence Therapy

At Good Influence Therapy, we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs and providing a treatment that best suits YOU.  We believe in working with you to find and sustain your natural balance therefore enhancing all other aspects in your life.

We operate a professional mobile massage therapy business, meaning that you can receive your treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Due to popular demand from our customers, we specialise in providing evening and weekend treatments, at a Natural Health Centre in Holborn and a natural health Centre in Islington however on rare occasions we are able to offer treatments outside of our operating hours, please contact us to discuss. 

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Who will benefit from our massages?

  • Regular gym-goers
  • People who spend a majority of their work time sat at a desk
  • Those who regularly lift heavy objects, putting strain on their back
  • People who find it difficult to relax
  • Parents with young children who would prefer to have a massage conducted at home
  • Anyone looking to treat themselves or a loved one

How will you benefit from a massage?

Massage can become a way to explore oneself as it teaches us how it feels to become more relaxed and in tune with ourselves.  We provide you with a unique opportunity to forget all of our worries and stresses, and live in that moment where the focus is solely on you.

The psychological effects of massage are:
  • Improves muscle tone and increases your flexibility.
  • Improves the tone and colour of your skin.
  • Encourages better circulation and removal of waste so that the nutrients we eat can work more effectively.
  • Relieves muscle fatigue and stiff joints.

The physical effects of massage are:

  • Helps to reduce your tensions and the effects of stress in your life.
  • Relaxes your mind.
  • Helps to lift your spirits due to the soothing and comforting nature of massage.

Check out our range of treatments or contactus to find a massage treatment that best suits you.  Please note that we are a professional business and do not provide any sexual services.